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(1) Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT),  EFT- Plus
(2) Hypnosis
(3) Self Hypnosis and Relaxation Techniques
(4) Short Term Stress Counseling

Below is a description of each of these approaches, endorsements by professionals in the field, and my training in each of these areas.

The first Pain Management technique is:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

By actually tapping on specific areas of the body considered
to be “energy locations” (acupuncture therapy has labeled these
areas meridians), and combining it with the use of psychological
principles, patients can experience relief from pain. Similar to
acupuncture but without needles, Energy Therapy identifies
“energy locations” in the face and torso. Simply applying gentle
pressure on these spots and reciting appropriate and
individualized verbalizations (known as affirmations), can
quickly ease pain in many situations.

EFT (Plus)
After using EFT for over 12 years, I have also included
techniques from Tai Chi and Qigong which are two healing
meditative practices that are comprised of body movements, and
breathing techniques which can further increase effectiveness.

Endorsements by Professionals in the field of EFT and what they
have to say about it:

*Deepak Chopra, M.D., has successfully combined his impeccable credentials as a practicing Endocrinologist with his exploration of mind/body medicine, who has written over 20 books pertaining to health, and has had numerous appearances on Oprah. He has endorsed the effectiveness of EFT by saying that: “EFT offers great healing benefits” {when other therapies have not been effective}.

*Dr. Norm Shealy, who wrote “Soul Medicine” is one of the world’s leading experts on Pain Management, and who says” by removing emotional trauma, EFT can help heal physical symptoms too”.

* Dr. Candace Pert is an internationally recognized pharmacologist who has published over 250 scientific articles. She has served as Chief of the Section on Brain Biochemistry of the Clinical Neuroscience Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and feels strongly about EFT helping in pain reduction.

My Background in EFT Training

I have had extensive training with Gary Craig who is the originator of EFT, have been trained in TFT, (another energy psychology approach), and trained with internationally renown Energy Healer, Donna Eden, and Psychologist Dr. David Feinstein.

The second Pain Management Technique is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a process that helps people achieve a calm, serene, peaceful focus. You are in a state of mind where you can think clearly, and become aware of answers to the emotional issues with which you are struggling and that are causing your physical tension and preventing you from healing your pain.

Anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or addictions can cause physical pain. Hypnosis can be a different way to access these problems without causing havoc to the body. Though hypnosis is not a total answer to every problem, it can break through barriers that traditional therapy is unable to do.

Endorsements by Professionals in the field and what they have to say:

Dr. Gary Vogin, in his article on Web MD, talks about how hypnosis freed him from the pain of migraines.

Dr. Elvira Lang, President of the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis is the Chief of the Interventional Radiology Division and Director of the Non-pharmacologic Analgesia Program at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, also talks about how Hypnosis can be very effective with people who have pain.

In 1958 the American Medical Association endorsed Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy as a legitimate tool for pain treatment.

My Background in Hypnosis Training

100 hours of training from the National Guild of Hypnosis (the largest and oldest training for Hypnosis in the world).

Training in Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), as a Master Practitioner (18 month training program).

The third Pain Management Technique is Self Hypnosis and Relaxation Techniques

Sufferers are also taught how to use self hypnosis and use it as a resource when they are experiencing physical discomfort.

I can teach them several techniques that will help calm themselves down. This strategy is particularly helpful forpeople who are concerned about loosing control because in this way they can regulate the situation and gain a sense of control.

The Forth Pain Management Technique is Short Term Stress Counseling

Patients suffering from pain often have the added burden of tremendous emotional pressures such as depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, personal tragedies, or severe problems. As the physical and emotional problems inevitably interact, they often have a negative effect on each other. The question arises, “Did the physical pain make the emotional issues worse or did the physical issues come about as a result of the emotional issues?” Regardless of the answer, it is clear that there is a strong interaction between the body and the mind.

Endorsements by professionals in the field and what they have to say:

Dr. John Sarno, professor of Clinical Rehabilitative Medicine at NYU Medical Center, who has over 25 years of experience as a physician, has found that pain is caused by what he calls Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). According to Dr. Sarno, emotions such as anger, sadness, and avoidance significantly impact pain. For some people, the notion that pain can be caused by emotional issues might seem far-fetched.

I would like to share a personal anecdote:

I was working with a patient on non-pain related issues, and he saw a copy of Dr. Sarno’s book on my desk. The patient proceeded to tell me how he had been in a car accident and read Dr. Sarno’s book discussing pain. The patient went on to say that at the time of the accident, he was unhappy with his job and could have used the accident as an excuse to avoid work but based on the concepts and techniques discussed in the book, he decided to try to work on Dr. Sarno’s treatments and see what would happen to the pain. He promised himself that he would not use “the pain” as an excuse.

Initially, he experienced his pain at about the level of a “6” on a scale of 1 to 10 (patient’s self rating). However, he continued to go to work and his experience of the pain dropped to somewhere between a “1” and a “2”. Two weeks later the pain had disappeared.  His account is echoed by some of Dr Sarno’s more famous clients, such as TV journalist, John Stosal of 20/20, and radio personality, Howard Stern. Both men had physical ailments that caused severe pain and after following Dr. Sarno’s treatment procedures which focus’s on emotions, it caused them to experience a significant reduction in pain.

This counseling is geared to help folks handle stressful situations in their lives. Clients learn how to handle more effectively their relationships, work situations, and their general ongoing anxiety and depression. Stresses in these factors has been found to be significant contributors to people’s experience of pain.

My Clinical Training & Experience for short term Stress Counseling

* Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
* Masters in Social Work and Counseling
* Over 30 years in practice

I have found that by using these  different approaches, I can offer a wide range of possibilities that can be used for the sufferer, to help relieve  pain.

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