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How Do I know that this is my intuitive self or another part of me?

 False Intuition

False intuition comes from the voices in our head, from judgmental parents, teachers or bosses.  Sometimes the voices we hear and the feelings we experience are driven by our own fear(s) and or self doubt.

The way we can tell if these are false voices if we feel tense, anxious or generally uncomfortable when we follow these messages. People report that “‘it’ just doesn’t feel right in my gut”. If you are tense and your muscles are tight and you feel jittery then that’s not your intuition, probably your fear and or anxiety.

Positive Signs that you are in Touch With Your Intuitive Self

In contrast, to “False intuition” we know that we are experiencing “Genuine Intuition” when following the advise/ vision results in a sense of peacefulness. Having a quiet mind” is a sure sign that we are on the right track.  To have what I call “Rational Intuition” we need to be sensitive to the messages we are giving ourselves and then trust that information.

People report that they know when they have truly been in touch with their intuition,  they say things like: “I feel a sense of relief” “I have a feeling of being free and peaceful”; “I feel like I’m in a flow”or “in the zone”.

Lastly, when we are truly connected with our intuition when we have a clear vision of what we should do next. Oprah, “For all the moves in my life- to Baltimore, to Chicago, to my own show, and to end it, I trusted my instincts.” What a great example of having a clear vision and knowing exactly what course to take.

If you feel calm, at peace, maybe even have an “inner smile” you are definitely in touch with your intuitive self and are using your intuition well.

The first step to using and improving your intuition is to be able to easily identify what is going on when you feel that deep down you know that something is right or very wrong.

 What if You Can’t Get In Touch With Your “Intuitive Self” or you get negative or mixed signals from your “voices” and your body.

The place to start is to ask yourself why you’re not ready. Meditate on that for awhile simply asking yourself: “Why am I blocked from getting in touch with my intuition?”

Possible reasons for being blocked are:

A. You may need more time.

B. You may need more information.

C.  The honest answer may be too difficult to


D. You may be too tired physically or emotionally

to accept the answers you get.

It is important to accept you’re lack of readiness and not try and push an intuition or you might get an answer that won’t be based on intuition but based on what you think is “right” or an appropriate answer.

We All Get Better With Practice

Another important key is to practice using your intuition.  Begin your practice by working on simple things:

  1. Guess what time it is without looking at a clock.
  2. See if on meeting or just looking at someone you don’t know if you can “intuit” what kind of person they are.
  3. Close the lights in a room and see if you can

remember where things are.

You don’t even have to know the answer, the idea here is just to practice access that part of your brain.

Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it and get comfortable with it the stronger it gets and the easier it is to access it.


So after having read this do you think you are better equipped to answer the questions that were raised in the beginning, which were:

1. Can you give a definition of intuition?

2. Are there different types of intuition?

3. Is intuition something we can stimulate, and if so how?

4. Can we mistake intuition for something else? If so what would

cause us to be confused about what is really intuitive and what is


5. How do we know when we are really being guided by our


6. Why do we have trouble accessing our intuition?

I will end with the most important question of all:

Are you ready to begin to work on strengthening your

“intuition muscle”; it works for Oprah and it can for you.

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