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Positive Habit of Appreciation

by Dr. Marty and Dr. Ben Beitin
Here is a simple positive habit that my associate Dr. Beitin and I suggest to our clients.
Spend 1 or 2 minutes each day thinking about what you like about your partner or what they have done recently that you appreciate.
Make sure to tell them either face to face, with a text or an email.  To often our communication is focused on getting our partner to do things or with “issues” we have with our partner.  Appreciation is a gift we should give our partner on a regular basis.

Remember relationships that have a spark need to be positive on a regular basis. Relationships go through many stages and need to constantly be worked on.

The most important point here is to consciously develop positive habits that we do every day.  A relationship is like a garden it needs to constantly be watered to grow.

Make a note whether you have worked on this, forgot to do it, or just went back to business as usual and ignored it.  If you want your relationship to change you need to make this into a habit and not just an exercise you do once in awhile.

Let us know if you do this for two weeks and how it works out

Dr. Marty and Dr. Ben

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