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Positive Partner Awareness Inventory

In my manual “Healing from the Trauma of Infidelity” I emphasize not only healing but on the positive side of relationships, for example I ask the question: “How well do you know your partner?”

I have included this in the blog because knowing your partner well is a wonderful way of rebuilding a relationship, from the damaged caused by infidelity, but also a way to prevent a relationship from falling apart.


Below are five questions let’s see how many of them you can answer:

  1. My partner is happiest when …………
  2. My partner’s favorite song is ……….
  3. My partner is most influenced by ….
  4. My partner likes it most when I  ……….
  5. A positive memory that my partner has of us together is ………….

In my entry for next week, I will give you five other questions let’s see how well you really know your partner.

It’s important to really know your partner.  Couples stray because they don’t pay attention to the details.  One way of showing that you really care is to care enough to remember.



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