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Pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder: Can they go hand in hand?  Part II 

By Isabella Scott


Medicinal precautions

Although it is not a common to appear the bipolar disorder first, it is advised to pay vigil on the medicinal courses you are adopting. If the disorder occurs, it is mainly because of the change state of your earlier illness. Hence it is recommended not to use your regular medicines during pregnancy. It is usually seen that people suffering from bipolar disorder prefer to intake mood stabilizing drugs. Drugs like lithium and valproate are highly used in the mania, depression and also are heavily used for maintenance. Consult your doctor before going to use any of these medicines.


After birth, mother loves to feed her child through her breasts. But, mothers suffering with bipolar disorder, need to have extra care while breastfeeding. The breastfeeding courses must be monitored carefully to avoid any insurgence of problem. As lithium is present in huge amount in the breast milk and this may cause toxicity in the babies; it is recommended to avoid breastfeeding.


The way out: Generally both women and the psychiatrist often seem to be over shadowed by fear and anxiety the moment the pregnancy things come out. However, a proper action plan can be chalked out in coordination with a physician. This can be achieved with proper discussion regarding the unplanned pregnancy. The medications for pregnancy along with the bipolar needs to be properly analyzed and then a proper strategy should be chalked out to deliver the baby the best along with having this disorder. This can only work when both the psychiatrist and physician work in a proper coordination. It may sound a difficult task, however, a must to have a safe pregnancy along this disorder.

You may find it difficult to manage your pregnancy along with the bipolar disorder, but with proper care and action plan you can certainly embark with a right solution. With this article you can have some basic ideas about the disorder and certainly can find ways to move on during your pregnancy periods. In case you are such situation, don’t just panic, instead act in calm way along with your near ones and come out with a tangible solution. Remember it’s difficult but not impossible.

About the author: Isabella Scott is a blogger and painter. These days she is working on designing marvel action figures for kids. When not working, she prefers spending time in NGOs who are working with patience dealing with schizophrenia symptoms.

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