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Pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder: Can they go hand in hand?    (Part I)                                                                                                                   By Isabella Scott

According to a research, the number of women suffering any kind of depression is more than men. Hence more number of women is reported with this disorder than men. When women are reported with depression like bipolar disorder, it is certainly not good news; especially when they are pregnant. During the entire nine months of pregnancy, a woman with this disorder has to ensure to care herself the best of her body. Despite all care and proper treatment they may encounter a number of risks associated to this problem. Secondly, the drug suggested by health professionals for bipolar disorder treatment can complicate the child birth process and even can hamper the baby inside. This is the reason why doctors do not recommend women suffering from bipolar disorder to plan children.

The bipolar disorder and pregnancy: The pregnant women having bipolar disorder or the newly turned mothers are at higher risks as compared to non pregnant ladies having the same disorder. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy, the medication for bipolar disorder can complicate child birth process and even can hamper the baby inside to a great extent. Therefore a majority of such ladies discontinue the medication which makes them reach at the danger bay of bipolar disorder. And women who leave the medications abruptly are more vulnerable to face lethal consequences to the bipolar disorder.

You need a plan of action: If you are pregnant and unfortunately also encounter the bipolar disorder, it’s time to plan things the best for the road ahead. A proper plan can help you to alleviate the risks and symptoms to the baby in your uterus. You should begin the plan much before the conception considering the first four weeks after conception as the most important and sensitive period. This should then continue in your entire pregnancy along with postpartum and the breast feeding time. However, the fact is that all such pregnancies during such disorder are unplanned, hence its best to discuss the psychiatrists to chalk out a proper plan for your during your entire pregnancy period. The important things you must consider are:

Measures to be considered during pregnancy

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