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Reduced Fee For Marriage


From $195 -> $145 for Friday, August 8th

If you are a first time client & would like to have an initial session with

Dr. Marty he has 2 times available – 

instead of his regular fee of $195 the fee will be $145.

You can have either an in person or a phone session.

Marriage Counseling sessions are available on a first come first serve basis.

Call (732) 246-8484 or email drmarty@comcast.net

Dr. Marty has a doctorate in clinical psychology, he is a licensed marriage counselor .

He is the author of 5 books on marriage counseling

* Healing from The Trauma of  Infidelity (for the faithful partner)

* Healing from The Trauma of  Infidelity (for the unfaithful partner)

* Negotiation for Couples: from Conflict to Cooperation

* The Essential Guide to a Lasting Marriage

* Relation Rescue Manual


Dr. Marty believes that whenever possible the goal of marriage counseling is to help couples stay together.

Marriage Counseling  should give folks specific techniques to help them through difficult times and teach skills to help couples feel closer to each other.

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