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Relationship Rescue Manual

Relationship Rescue Manual

What to do when your relationship is falling apart

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    Hi I’m Dr. Marty,

    For over thirty years I have been a therapist in private practice. I have Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Clinical Social Worker. On a personal note, I have been in a successful relationship for over 18 years and genuinely believe that your quality of life and emotional and physical health are all profoundly influenced by the relationship with your partner.

    We all know that relationships are difficult to sustain and even more difficult to repair when damaged. I do believe however, that it is possible to “fix” troubled relationships and I have written the Relationship Rescue Manual to help people save and move their relationships forward. This manual offers a great deal of information and provides exercises that can be very helpful. I have two pieces of good news. (At this point, I’m sure you can use some).

    Number #1 Piece of Good News –

    You may have more time than you realize. If you are reading this, chances are that you and your spouse are struggling with your relationship. Your partner may be sleeping in a different room, not living in the same home, may have spoken to an attorney or already filed for divorce. Remember though, that even if court papers have been filed, the complete process of divorce takes time. This manual is designed to show you how to most effectively use the time you have and give you a chance to save your marriage. If you follow the suggestions of the Relationship Rescue Manual you will have succeeded in two ways:

    1) You will have tried your hardest and be pleased with what you have done.

    2) You will have learned what to do in the future to limit the chances of repeated heartbreak. Remember, you can’t control what someone else does, but you can give this your best effort.

    Number #2 Piece of Good News –

    You don’t have to do everything right all at once. I know from having done thousands of hours of counseling that often times, the partner who wants to leave the relationship is actually reluctant to do so. They feel desperate and hopeless and believe that their partner will never change. It is often out of desperation that divorce becomes the chosen option. You don’t have to do everything right or follow every suggestion made in the rescue manual, but you do have to do enough so your partner believes that you are sincere about wanting to change things. You have the ability to help make things different. The point here is that you don’t have to be perfect, but convince your partner by your actions that you are moving in the right direction.

    Table of Contents


    Section I

    Chapter 1 – Relationship Basics

    Chapter 2 – Rejection

    Chapter 3 – Looking at Yourself

    Chapter 4 – Understanding Anger and Relationships

    Chapter 5 – Where Your Relationship Stands

    Section II

    Chapter 6 – Changing Your Behavior

    Chapter 7 – Strategies for Rescuing Your Relationship

    Chapter 8 – Improving Communication

    Chapter 9 – Having Effective Meetings


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