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Resilience and Relationships (part II of II)

In this blog I will share the remaining three steps that have been modified from Dr’s Robert Brooks & Sam Goldstein book “The Power of Resilience” to apply to developing a resilient relationship. –


Three additional steps that can be used to help couples feel closer to each other:


* Think about obstacles that you may have to overcome when being positive with your partner and develop a more positive script when you approach them. (For tips on how to develop that script you can read my Negotiation Handbook for Couples: From conflict to connection.


* Put the new script into action and re-evaluate to see if things are going the way you would like and make adjustments.


* Expand on your goals to talk about other difficult issues as your scripts are successful.


One of the primary ways to have a resilient relationship is to figure out what you can do to make things different.


Note from Dr. Marty – the key for positive change is for you to behave well even when your partner doesn’t.  If that doesn’t work, well then it’s time for us to talk.


The next blog will deal with what to do when the seven steps mentioned in the last to blogs don’t work and will discuss Resiliency and Couples / Marriage Counseling


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