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Resiliency and Couples / Marriage Counseling

When I am counseling a couple that have problems, too often they focus exclusively on their complaints and past history; though this is part of therapy, for a relationship to improve, each person must:

  1. Move past complaints to being clear what they would like to hear from their partner
  2. Be is willing to approach their partner in a way that will make things better in the relationship rather than criticizing and blaming them.

If a relationship is to be a resilient each person must write, in their own mind, and use a positive script for them self in their day to day interaction with their mate.

What to do if being positive doesn’t work.

If couples have:

* Set goals for themselves in terms of approaching their partner in a positive way

* Created new scripts that are not accusing but talk about what they need and what is important to them.

then there are still major problems; and deeper, intense therapy is needed.


In my next blog I will go into detail about Marriage Counseling that goes into deeper levels that deal with: problems with childhood, intense negative feelings, and even addiction.

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