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Healing from Infidelity  (Part III of III)

Some final thoughts about Infidelity Myths.

Part of Couples / Marital therapy is to separate what are myths and are realities.  When looking for a therapist to work with it is important that the counselor has a lot of experience in this area. Counseling couples to heal from unfaithfulness is a highly charged emotional process.
It’s like walking a high wire, a slip could be disastrous.

Three questions you might ask the therapist / counselor
1.    How can I build trust going forward with my spouse?
2.    What would tell you that my partner is having an affair vs.
just flirting?
3.    How do I know if my partner who is having an affair is or is not a sex addict?

Hearing the counselor’s response to the above questions will give you an idea about how familiar they are with infidelity counseling.

When you call the therapist you may want to have your own questions as well to both “test” the counselor’s knowledge and to see if there responses make sense to you.

Some final final thoughts on healing from infidelity
The process of healing takes time, and sometimes a long time.
When couples understand what went wrong and what to do about it, then they can work on recapturing the closeness they once had.

For things to get better folks have to go beyond the destructive myths and move toward building a new and positive relationship.

There will be more new information about healing from infidelity, in the upcoming months in future blogs.

For now you can go to my free video on infidelity at: http://yourmarriagecounselor.com/category/infidelity/   .

You can also get additional information from my Manual “Helping Relationships and Marriages Heal from the Trauma of Infidelity at:

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