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Six Things You Can Do to Get The Most Out of Couples / Marriage Counseling (part I)

In my next two blogs I will share with you six ways to help couple’s counseling to be successful.

It is easy to make the mistake that going for counseling is an activity that happens in the counselor’s office and once you have gotten there and participated in the sessions that’s it until the next time.  Change happens most effectively in counseling when the person get’s actively involved in the process.  A basic rule in life is the more you put into something the more you get out of it.

I’ve written this to give guidelines as to how to make the most progress in counseling.


1. Come 15 minutes early, so you have time to gather yourself and think about what you want to cover during

the session. Use the “Therapy Update Form” to both focus and to give myself and you a running start about what we want to cover during the session.


2. Do assignments between sessions. It is helpful to practice between meetings what has been learned and suggested during counseling.


3. Judge progress by how much you are doing to help the

relationship not how much your partner is doing.

You can’t control your partner’s behavior you can only

control your own actions.


In my next blog I’ll give you the remaining three things you can do when your counseling  to make things better for yourself and your relationship

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