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Three Quick tips to “Keeping the Spark in Your Relationship”.: Small Things That Make a Big Difference

I have a free newsletter “Keeping the Spark” (available on YourMarriageCounselor.com) where I offer one tip per issue, for how to keep positive energy in your relationship.  In today’s blog, I’ll take that one step further and offer not one but three really easy but powerful things you can to nourish your relationship.

First, I wanted to share with you a tip from my book “The Essential Guide to a Lasting Marriage” plus, additional thoughts that I also advise clients that are working on strengthening their relationship.

Tip # 1 Be Polite and Appreciative

In my book, I talk about how after couples are together for awhile they can take each other for granted.  They forget to say, or don’t bother with saying “thank you” or I appreciate what you’ve done.  For relationships to be strong we always have to be on the look out for ways to let our partner know we appreciate them.

(Two tips beyond what I’ve written in my book)

Tip#2 “Random Acts of Kindness”

We also have to be on the look out to do “random acts of kindness”.  On a regular, but not predictable basis, look to do a small thing that shows you were thinking of your partner: A cup or Starbucks’ coffee or a magazine that that they might be interested in is a very power gesture.  It’s not the money it‘s the thought.

Small things can be really big.

By the way, if you all ready do this, good for you, let this be a re-enforcer to keep it up.  It’s easy to forget to do the small things as our life gets busy or something distracts us.

Tip#3 – Another Example of a good “small thing”

Keep in touch with your partner through out the day, with a short “tweet”, “text”, or email.  Let your partner know when you are grateful about something about them or something considerate they have done for you.  This is yet another way that:  “Small things can be really big”

 Three easy things to do that make all the difference in the world.

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