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(Please note identifying information has been changed to preserve confidentiality.)

Linda, was feeling overwhelmed by her husband’s anger, and having a child with ADHD.  She was not aware of how upset and desperate she had begun to feel, and how it was reacting on her body.  It started to manifest itself by her getting terrible migraines. Using Focused Self-Hypnosis, Linda was able to realize just how upset she was with her marriage and her son’s condition. This awareness opened the door for her to work on the issues that were literally causing her severe migraines.

Risa had trouble sleeping. She had recently lost her job, her baby was going through numerous health problems, and she was constantly exhausted.  By using a combination of non-invasive techniques, she was able to let go of enough of the tension and anticipatory anxiety that was going on in her life, and was able to get more sleep than she had in months.

Mary, a young mother whose life was very physically demanding, was suffering from constant back pains. She had tried a number of different types of treatments with no success. Within a short period of time after learning how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques, Mary was able to minimize her physical discomfort and reduce her back tension. She learned how to respond more calmly when she was upset and feeling overwhelmed with her parental responsibilities which helped reduce her pain issues.


Why I decided to use Pain Management Therapy

I’ve noticed an unusually high number of clients

who are suffering from physical as well emotional pain, and have seen what it is doing to their lives, relationships, and their children.  Don’t think that your children aren’t also suffering when you are out of focus.  You have less patients for them, are short tempered, and not emotionally there for them.

Final comment

I believe Pain Management Therapy and I am committed to working as hard as I can to help Sufferers and their loved ones improve the quality of their lives in helping them to be pain free.

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