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Strength of Relationship Quiz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Part I of III part series)

Some people who come to YourMarriageCounselor.com site wonder whether   or not their relationship (this applies to both married couples and those in a serious relationship) are need of help from a professional Couple’s/Marriage Counselor.


To help answer that question this week’s blog entries will have a short easy 14 question quiz.  On my third, and last entry for this week, will be a key to scoring the strength of your relationship.  I have developed these questions based on Dr. John Gottman’s research of more than 5,000 couples over a 15 year period.  Dr. Gottman, one of the most influential researchers in the field of marriage counseling, has been able to determine exactly what makes relationships work well and what factors cause them to fail.  In my over 30 years as a practicing therapist and based on my own relationship I have used these guidelines and added some of my own that I have found to be extremely important to having a satisfying relationship.

If your partner is willing,  you may also ask them answer these questions as well and then the two of you can discuss the results.


To get you started here are 5 questions for you to consider:

  1. My partner is judgmental.

(very little) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (a great deal)

2.   My partner has a valid point of view.

(often) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (rarely)

3.  My partner is my friend.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

4. I take my partner’s point of view into consideration.

(often) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (rarely)

5.  My partner often tells me when they feel close to me.

(often) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (rarely)

In my next blog entry I will give you questions 6 – 11.  I’ll also discuss different ways you work on taking this quiz.


Talk to you tomorrow                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Marty    



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