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Strength of Relationship Quiz

(Part II of III part series)

Note: Most people only have a few minutes of time, so I have broken down the questionnaire to 3 easy to complete sections.

Some folks will want to think about their answers and this format will also give those folks only a few questions to consider.

Lastly, some folks will want to do this all in one sitting, so after this week you can take a look at all three posts and answer the questions all in one sitting.

Here are the next set of questions in my Strength of Relationship Quiz:

6. My partner knows what is really important to me.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

7. I understand what is really important to my partner.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

8. My partner is interested in things that are important to me.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

9. My partner sees my positive qualities.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

10. I think about my partner’s good qualities often.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

11. My partner often tells me how much they care for me.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

Tomorrow I will give you the last three questions and the key to how to see exactly how strong your relationship is. Feel free to email me as to your thoughts about these questions.

Dr. Marty

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