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Strength of Relationship Quiz

(Part III of III part series)

In this last entry for this week is the last set of questions for you to consider as well as the scoring key:

12. I often tell my partner how much I care about them.

(true) 1 …2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

13. I trust my partner not to hurt me.

(true) 1 ……2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

14. My partner and I share the same goals for our future.

(true) 1 ……2 …3 …4 …5 (not true)

How to see how strong your relationship is:

Add up the numbers you circled

Your relationship is strong …………………………..26 or less

Your relationship has some serious issues ………. …27 to 36

Your relationship is at serious risk if you have ……….37 or more

Remember that usually couples are different from one another, one person may be very verbal and the other may be quiet. Individuals also vary in their beliefs about child rearing, or family, or even politics.

The quiz focuses on: judgmental vs. being accepting of your partner as a person and of their point of view.

It also looks at positive feelings as well. Just because a couple doesn’t fight doesn’t mean the relationship is strong. There has to be a positive connections and fun in a relationship.

The quiz also focuses on “trusting your partner”. Trust doesn’t always refer to being faithful, it also refers to trusting that whenever possible you can count on your partner, not 100% of the time but most of the time. Sometimes partners raise the the bar too high. Sometimes are partner will do or say something hurtful, but if and when they do first it’s not intentional and second they try and make up for it.

Successful relationships can thrive on differences. It’s not whether or not you are similar to your partner. It’s about how you handle those differences!


This quiz is taken from my upcoming manual:

Negotiation Handbook for Couples

From Conflict to Connection



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