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Super Brain by Deepak Chopra, M.D. & Rudolph Tanzi

This book by its two eminent authors combines research with practical application and spirituality.  It is a blue print that is scientifically supported for how the brain can be used to increase its capacity to: improve memory, reduce aging, increase happiness, and deal with the emotional challenges of anxiety and depression.

The authors offer the acronym SIFT: Sensation, Image,

Feeling, Thought, as a way to increase memory. In the chapter “Heroes of Super Brain” they describe in detail about how the use of each of these element can be enlisted to help us to increase our memory.  

The book also talks about the dynamics of unsettling feelings, for example there is a detailed discussion about depression and anxiety.  The authors talk about there being three causes for these feelings: negative outside forces, the response to those outside forces, and what they call “the habit of being depressed or anxious”.  The discussion goes on to identify toxic beliefs and how they become part of being depressed.  The doctors offer an antidote to dealing with depression and anxiety by giving specific instructions about how to deal with the difficult outside forces and negative habit patterns.

In the next blog I will talk about how the book explores: misperceptions about situations and uses mindfulness as an antidote to those misperceptions; the role of our emotional and logical brain; and the highest level of using our brain which is developing our intuition intuition.

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