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Surprised By Love by Dr. Jay & Julie Kent Ferraro

I found out about “Surprised by Love” from a client of mine.  This is a story about what use to be called a power couple. He is a psychologist who has his doctorate and his wife is an accomplished artist and performer.  Despite both their accomplishments their relationship suffered from the almost mortal blow, of an affair.

The book is written in the form of a journal / emails that Jay and Julie (the authors and “heroes”) exchange with each other during the break –up phase of their marriage.  At the end of the story and as a result of a lot of soul searching, their relationship was completely changed and together they developed a new marriage on a number of levels.  The Ferraro’s story has twists and turns like a soap opera; the difference here is that there is a happy ending.

This is a great book for folks who are in the midst of struggling with infidelity.  My manual “Helping Relationships and Marriage Heal from the Trauma of infidelity, is a how to book, mapping out specific steps and strategies, this wonderful book, “Surprised by Love,  is written by folks who have actually gone through this trauma and come out the other end. This book is something that I think will benefit people who are going through struggles in their own relationship.

 My final thought and the message of “Surprised by Love” is:  If done in the right way, a relationship can not only survive an affair, but can become stronger.

 In my next blog I will discuss some of”the lessons” the Ferraro’s learned

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