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The Counseling Process

In my last three entries I have talked about how to determine if counseling is needed. If you do need help I have given a self help program that someone can work on without seeking professional counseling. Sometimes, problems are too deep to be dealt without professional help; if that is the case then using a trained therapist is the next option.  In this last entry in the series, I have outlined specifically how I think counseling process should be.  If you think it is important to work with a professional this next section you will give you a good idea of what is involved in the process that I use.  The good news is that you can get better and that you have already made the first step by taking my evaluation. When you are ready you can contact me at: (732)246-8484 or drmarty@comcast.net.

Good luck, hope this information is helpful for you


The Counseling Process:

Stage I

In this stage of the process your issues are identified and how degree of severity is determined

Stage II

In this stage we will do the work of figuring out what type of approach is needed and what you need to get from counseling to help you with your particular problem.

In some situations what is needed is learning specific skills to help you cope with your issues and situation.  For example if you are suffering from anxiety – there are particular techniques that I can teach you that you can use to significantly reduce your anxiousness.  If you are suffering from relationship issues or social anxiety you might need communication skills. If you are suffering from anger issues you might need to learn anger management skills

In some situations what may be needed is to learn more about your personal history, so that that part of your life can be addressed.  Sometimes problems are rooted in your past perhaps in your childhood or in previous relationships or life situations.  In those situations we will need to explore those times so you can be helped to heal from the scares that have occurred during those times

In some situations when there has been prior counseling and nothing has worked we may try an alternative method that is called Energy Psychology.  There are many forms of Energy Psychology that we can use such as: EFT. (Emotional Freedom Techniques), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), and EMDR (Eye Movement Reprogramming Desensitization).

Stage III – Practice and Correction.

No matter how effective the counseling is for it to work, the information and techniques have to be applied and practiced.  In this last stage we will stretch out the time between our meetings to see how well things are going and if a little more coaching is necessary, you can get additional help to work out the issues that you have been struggling with.

There is hope folks don’t have to suffer their whole lives with new information and skills there is relief from the emotional pain that people experience from anxiety, depression, bi polar disorder, and addiction.

Please give me a call, I answer my own phone, at (732)246-8484 and we can discuss your particular situation to find out which approach is best for you.

Dr. Marty


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