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The Defining Decade by: Dr. Meg Jay (Part III)


What makes this book particularly interesting is that Dr. Jay gives examples from her therapy practice working with twenty year olds who are struggling with trying to find a meaningful relationship, having children and locating and developing a career track.


In summary,  Dr. Jay maintains through her research that:


  • That personality’s change more during our 20’s than any other time in our lives.
  • Our 20’s are the times that we decide on our adult self image.
  • Using the time from 20 to 30, more than any other time, can give a positive direction for the rest of their adult lives.


The purpose of the book is for twenty year olds themselves, their older friends, and their family to become aware of the various issues and changes that occur during this period, and then react more effectively in their lives with this  awareness.


If you’re older than 20 do you remember when you were in that part of your life?  What decisions did you make, that now looking back at that time, really impacted on your life?

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