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The Essential Guide to a Lasting Marriage (Relationship). By Dr. Marty Tashman.


I want to end this week’s series of blogs by sharing from my book “The Essential Guide to A Lasting Relationship”

The title of this section is: “Does Your Spouse Accept You” My style of writing and counseling is to give practical advise that people can relate to and use, in keeping with that I will give you 10 examples of ways in which couples accept each other see how many fit for your relationship.


  1. You and your partner can laugh about an odd habit one of you has with out feeling or being insulted
  2. Your partner has a smile on their face when they see you.
  3. Your partner knows what to get you as a gift.
  4. Your can be silent with your partner for a while without feeling uncomfortable.
  5. You are mindful of dressing in a way of pleasing your partner
  6. In addition to sex, your intimate life also includes: tender touching, holding and snuggling.
  7. You look forward to being alone with your partner
  8. You enjoy sharing your day with your partner
  9. You trust your partner will be there when you need them.                                              
  10. You can have a fight without holding a grudge.


Remember acceptance doesn’t just happen it takes awareness and action!!


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