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The Impact Siblings Have on Our Life (Part III)

Dr. Safer advocates that the “golden child’ make a special effort and acknowledge that their parent really did favor them and that asking the sibling who got less or negative attention,  what they can do to heal any damage that might have been done by their parent’s favoritism.

This issue of sibling relationships is wide spread for three reasons:

1. Siblings are the first peers that we come into contact with;

2. Parents usually do place emphasis on the importance of this relationship and yet they may without meaning to tilt the scales in a negative direction;

3. We are constantly exposed to our siblings thereby having lots of time for making an impression on us.  

 I believe that though people may not have had a sibling who they had a major difficulty with , that parents whether they mean to or not often favor one child and that is an issue that can be swept under the rug and never be resolved, but can cause a tremendous amount of emotional scaring.  That preference may well show it self in adulthood and the negative feelings can be a destructive influence through out someone’s entire life. .  

I invite the readers who have siblings to think in terms of the impact their siblings have had with them.  Is there unfinished business between the two of you?

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