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The Secret Toxin (Poison) in Stress (part III)

 This blog will give you a way for possible prevention or at least early detection.  The place to start is to notice how fast you are physically moving ( are you in a big hurry?) or how much you brain is racing.

Once you are mindful if and when you are speeding either in you walking, talking or self demanding thoughts, you can decide whether or not you want to either slow down or even take a break. One easy way to do this is walk a little slower or take your time with something you are doing rather than rushing to get it done.  We are far more likely to get stressed and overloaded when we are moving down the highway at a hundred miles an hour.

What happens is when we are pushing ourselves and something difficult comes along it really can send us off of the road.  If we are dealing with a stressful situation and we are really pushing our self the intensity can increase the pressure and make a stressful situation a total overload, sometimes we can get to better place more quickly if we allow our self to slow down.

In my next blog in the series I’ll give an other, easy to do technique, that takes hardly any time at all.


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