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Three Steps for your self treatment program

In my prior entry I have given an evaluation that can be taken to determine if it would be appropriate to explore further counseling.   In this entry, I will offer

is a self-help program that you can be used, before for professional help is sought.  A note of caution, if problems are sever, dangerous, or causing pain,  for an individual or for people around them, consider going directly to a professional, because the longer someone waits to get help the harder it is make things right and the more damage will occur.

 Step # 1 Keep a Journal

The first step would be to keep a personal journal.  You might even do this if you go to a counselor and your writing can be used as a tool for therapy.

Here are helpful things for you to put in your Journal

1. Give a short description about your anxiety episode so you can refer to it later and have an objective look at it when you are in a calmer place.

2. Make comments about the episode.

3. On a scale of 1 – 10 rate the intensity of the episode,

4. Record the length of episode

5. Record the amount of time from the previous episode.

Step #2 Look for support

Having supportive people around you can be very helpful.  In any good treatment it is really helpful to have a good friend / family member that can be there for you when you are down or feel defeated or just encourage you.

There is nothing that takes the place of just knowing that there is someone there for you.

Step#3 Notice times when your problems are likely to happen and

A)  Look for things that calm you down

B)   Do something that is self caring

C)   Find things that can distract you

D)  Have phone numbers easily accessible of people you can call if you are under stress

E)  Give your self a small reward once you have gone through the critical time.

My first goal is to give things that one can do for them self, these suggestions have been useful for many people, but often the issues are too deep and a guide is needed for  more advanced approaches.

In my blog next week, I will outline what would be involved in my professional treatment program.

If you would like additional information about how to get help now give me (Dr. Marty) a call at:(732)246-8484 or an email at drMarty@comcast.net.




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