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To Sell is Human  – by Daniel Pink

After listening to Mr. Pink being interviewed about his book “To Sell is Human” I decided to read the book and I’m glad I did.  The author talks about how to effectively sell by using the short cut what he calls the “A”, “B”, “C” of sales, Attunement – Buoyancy – Clarity. Below I will define what the author means by the above three terms.

Attunement is the ability to tune into some ones emotional state.   To be able to read when they are angry or sad, or doubting and then to adjust your approach based on where they are emotionally at any given time.


Buoyancy is the ability to see things positively; essentially is the glass half empty or half full?


Clarity is according to Mr. Pink is the ability, to find clearly what is the real problem that needs to be solved; for example, I might complain about not having enough money the real problem is I have to learn how to budget or alternatively how to learn a skill which will earn me more money.


Being sensitive to a buyer’s emotional state, seeing things positively, and helping them to see what is really the problem that the buyer has, will go a long way to influencing that person to make a decision that they will want to buy what you are selling.


I want to caution, it’s not about manipulating the buyer, it’s about both understanding him/her and providing a superior product or service as well.



In my next blog I will talk about how Mr. Pink’s ABC’s also apply to relationships.


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