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Twelve Things You Can Do to Get The Most Out of Couples / Marriage Counseling (part II of IV)

This is the second of a three part series on how help your relationship move forward in counseling. (Note the numbering begins at “4” because it picks up from the previous blog.)


4. Look for something positive that your partner has done that you appreciate.  It’s easy to spot where you have been offended or upset by you partner, but it is human nature not to place as much emphasis on the positive; it’s a perspective we have to work on.


5. Look to do something positive for you partner.  This helps you focus on what is working. We tend to find what we are looking for. If we look for positive things in our partner or in ourselves we are more inclined to see them.


6. Between our meetings you can send me an email to let me know feelings, thoughts or particular incidents that occurred. Keeping in touch between meetings is a good thing.  I will try and acknowledge your email and make a brief comment.  Two things are particularly important about your email: (1) It helps you focus on issues between our meetings; and (2) We can use the emails as things we can discuss during our sessions.



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