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Twelve Things You Can Do to Get The Most Out of Couples / Marriage Counseling (part III of IV)

(Note the numbering begins at “7” because it picks up from the previous blog.)

In this blog I will give you three more things you can do to help your progress in counseling

7. Keep a journal of:

A. Things that happen during the week that seem important

B. Specific things that you would like to talk about that are long standing or upcoming issues.


8. Make a conscious effort to avoid a fight, then make note of it and bring the issue to therapy.  Too often couples can remember that they’ve fought but can’t remember what the issue was.  What is remembered are the bad feelings.


9. Work on making sure that your temper doesn’t run away with you.  Often times, maybe with good reason,

people get really angry and they say hurtful things. Though it is understandable, angry episodes not only damage the relationship, but they slow down progress in therapy.

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