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What Jack and Jill Can Teach Us About Having A Strong Relationship

The last two entries on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder were very serious and difficult issues to deal with, to create a sense of balance; I’m going to share with you something from my book “The Essential Guide to a Lasting Marriage”.  By the way, the information I am giving applies to all relationships not just married couples.  Today, I’m going to talk about one of the most important elements in a positive relationship that is the quality of flexibility.

Before I go any further, I want to put in a disclaimer: flexibility should only go so far, one should never be so flexible as to compromise their personal values.  This entry is geared toward someone who is getting stuck by being rigid a not giving their partner’s view respectful consideration.

So in the spirit of humor (as I’ve discussed in my previous blogs a few days ago) to make the point, I’m going to talk about our childhood friends Jack and Jill.  Below is an adaptation of the nursery rhyme we all know I hope the example makes you smile.

What Jack and Jill Can Teach Us About Having A Strong Relationship

Jack and Jill went up the hill but only made it half way. Jack got tired so Jill told him to rest, while she went to fetch the water; or maybe Jill thought it would be better to get the water another day; or maybe they decided together to hire a contractor and bill a well in the valley. Either way Jill was flexible and accepted Jack’s feelings- which just may contribute to them living happily ever after.

So I  ask you to ask yourself: “How flexible have I been when I see things differently from my partner?”  Have been as flexible as Jill?

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