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Introduction to Biofeedback Therapy (BT)

Therapy for the 21st century

Biofeedback Therapy (BT) uses talk with the therapist + computer technology to teach you how to use your breathing as a tool for self regulation, which will:

Dramatically improve your communication skills
Reduce your anger

Biofeedback therapy teaches you how to be closer to your partner

Here’s how it works:

We breathe differently when we are relaxed, angry, and depressed. When you learn how to regulate your breathing (respiration) your body slows down. As you get more oxygen to your brain you can think more clearly.

BT, by giving real time feedback, helps you become aware of your breathing pattern, and as a result you learn how to make changes which powerfully affect you, physiologically and psychologically.

BT along with talking therapy that is action oriented can teach couples how better to relate to each other. It will also help with excessive anxiety & depression, which are emotions that interfere with a relationship.

As you’re in control of your breathing, you are better able to self regulate.

Other areas that BT can help:

Sleep problems
Energy issues
I have and am using BT technology myself and found it to be very helpful with my ability to focus, feel centered, increase my energy & have more restful sleep. On a personal level, I am very pleased with the results.

What happens during Biofeedback Therapy?

  • BT has 3 steps:

    Step 1 – Clients learn how to use the computer program*

    Step 2 – Identification of the issues & goals and develop treatment plan

    Step 3 – Implement plan > evaluate progress > modify plan > achieve goal(s)

    The secret with BT is that there has to be regular practice ranging from 2 – 20 minutes every day; it’s like going to the gym or being on a diet.

    *Each step can take from 1 to 3 sessions (maybe more) depending on amount of practice, the issue(s), and the person’s adaptability to the program.

Here’s How BT Actually Works

  • The way you use the program is that there is an ear clip that is connected to a cable, that is connected to the computer. The program gives a real time feedback as to the degree your heart rhythm and respiration is in sync, so you can learn when and how to breathe correctly.

    You can practice these exercises on your own at home. There are also devices you can use to help you to master the skills involved.

    BT is based on biofeedback technology developed by HeartMath which is used by NASA, Kaiser Permanente, Standford School of Medicine, Cedars-Sinai, and over 25,000 Health Professionals worldwide.