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If you want to save your marriage or relationship, we have the tools to help you through marriage counseling and couples therapy.

Couples counseling has three major goals: to improve communication, to reduce anger, and to learn how to negotiate effectively so that there is not a win/loss situation, but an ability to find solutions that make both people feel respected and loved.

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I will help you to find answers to difficult problems in your relationship, through couples counseling.

When couples first start counseling everything seems to be falling apart. When people come to see me they have a lot of anger, hurt, and sadness. Some people are panicky and others are doubtful about whether or not they want to be married. In counseling, we can find solutions. There are techniques that couples can use to deal with their feelings and problems. People come in saying “I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.” During our sessions, they are surprised to find out that there are many things that they weren’t aware of, and had never thought of.

What will be covered during

marriage counseling

  • How to influence your partner.
  • What causes most fights.
  • How to talk to your partner so that they will really hear you.
  • Standing up for yourself.
  • What to do when you are unhappy with how your partner is treating you, or with what they are doing.
  • 6 steps to getting together after a fight.
  • Improving your friendship and creating your future.

What if only one person wants to come for counseling?

Learn how Dr. Marty makes a difference with Marriage & Couples Counseling

Dr. Marty’s 3 Promises to You

During Couples Therapy.

As a marriage counselor and someone who is involved in a long term relationship, I’ve come to realize how hard it is, and how much effort goes into maintaining a good relationship.

  1. There is no charge for a brief follow-up phone call after our session. If you have a question about something that was said during our time together, you don’t have to wait until our next meeting to get clarification on what was said.
  2. I have phone sessions for emergencies.
  3. I encourage emails between sessions, and I either respond directly or use the material during our session.

If we can be of help please call us at 888-281-5850, and we can talk about what the next step would be.

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Dr. Marty


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