Your Marriage Counselor

One Person Can Save Relationship

What if only one person wants

to come for counseling?

When your partner isn’t willing to come in for help with the relationship, it is even more important for us to talk. By waiting for them to be ready, you are putting the future of the relationship in their hands. If you really want the best chance to save your relationship, you need to learn what you can do.

Here is what I can teach you, even if your partner doesn’t come in for couples counseling:

How to better understand your partner, even if they don’t speak to you.
How to effectively influence your partner when you do talk with them.
How to deal with your partner when they won’t listen to you.
How to help your children in a household that has conflict.
How to handle difficult situations like your partner’s anger, addiction, or in-law problems.

If your relationship is in trouble, don’t wait for your partner to be ready.

While you’re waiting for them to come for couples counseling, things will get worse, and rebuilding your relationship gets harder.

As you learn to deal more effectively when your partner won’t join in counseling there are two things that often happen.

First, many partners notice the change and they respond favorably. They also become more willing to communicate.

Second, the other person becomes less defensive, because they see that counseling is actually making a positive difference and very often they are willing to come in for counseling.