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About Dr. Marty

Dr. Marty has the compassion and common sense to help couples handle the challenges they face. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology, Masters in Counseling, LCSW, and over 30 years of experience.
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“Don’t know if I ever really thanked you for saving my marriage… We are doing really well and plain and simply have you to thank for it.”
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The Jump Start Session

The Jump Start Session can make an important difference in getting counseling off to a positive start when time and patience are running out on both sides.
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Intake Form

In preparation for your upcoming session with Dr. Marty Tashman we have a quick form for you to fill out with pertinent information and if your session is covered by insurance the details can be given here.
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Dr. Marty - Your Marriage Counselor - Marriage Counseling in NJ

Marriage, Couples & Individual Counseling

Hi, I’m Dr. Marty. If you want to save your marriage or relationship, we have the tools to help you through marriage and couples counseling. Together, we can figure out what has gone wrong, and what it takes to rebuild your love. By teaching couples to improve communication, reduce anger, and negotiate, you will be able to deal with the disappointments, resentments and unfinished emotional business.

Emergency Counseling/Same Day Appointment

Are You in Crisis, but Finding it Hard to Get to a Doctor When You Need One?

Dr. Marty realizes that there are just some situations that need to be addressed quickly, to respond to those individuals and couples (meaningful relationships & marriages) he has  left times open in his schedule for urgent and emergency relationships.
Give him a call @888-281-5850, text him @732-910-8586, or email him at Drmarty@comcast.net. If Dr. Marty is not immediately available he will do his best to back to you as soon as possible (usually within an hour or two) and to see how an appointment can be arranged often times the same day (Mon.- Fri.) 

If your situation is urgent, or an emergency:
I will do everything possible to schedule a same day appointment.  We can:
1. See if a same day meeting is possible.
2. Try and schedule an emergency phone session.
3. If the first two possibilities aren’t available, we can see about scheduling a next day

Your Marriage Counselor

What if only one person wants to come for counseling?

When your partner isn’t willing to come in for help with the relationship, it is even more important for us to talk.

LGBTQ Couples Counseling

Are LGBTQ relationships the same or different from straight relationships? All relationships have their challenges. Sometimes gay and lesbian couples may face challenges that straight couples don’t have to cope with.

Obligations & Schedule Making if Difficult to See A Counselor?

Online-Remote Counseling is the answer.

By scheduling phone, Skype, or FaceTime sessions, you will have the flexibility you need for your lifestyle and your schedule. Dr. Marty’s 30+ years of experience saving relationships is just a phone call away.

Emotional Intelligence (E.I) & Saving Your Relationship

Using and developing your Emotional Intelligence (E.I) will give you a powerful and effective approach to saving and improving your relationship
Click here to understand more and self score how you rate in terms of your Emotional Intelligence. By the way, as one person improves their E.I., they often are able to cause positive change in their partner. A place to start is to take this short self rating quiz –

Your Marriage Counselor - Offices in New Jersey

As a marriage counselor, I can also help with premarital counseling.

It is normal to have the jitters before making such a big step in life, but there is a difference between the jitters, and constant arguing and friction.

What I often find when couples come to see me for premarital counseling is that they tell me they love each other, and they want to be together, but they find themselves getting into fights more frequently. They keep hoping it will get better, but it just doesn’t.

In premarital counseling, together we can:

  • Figure out how to bring back harmony and work on the miscommunication problems you are having.
  • Learn how to handle the anger that has developed as a result of poor communication.
You Marriage Counselor - Marriage Counseling in NJ

Getting help in your relationship, at a New Jersey office near you.

As the founder of Your Marriage Counselor, I am dedicated to helping couples stay together.
In order to reach this goal, I have asked several couples therapists to join me. They are located throughout New Jersey, and you are probably no more than 20 or 30 minutes from their offices. All of these therapists are experienced professionals who truly care about helping couples.

To learn more about these counselors, please go to the About Our Therapist section on this website. Please give us a call at 888-281-5850.

Dr. Marty
34 years of helping couples stay together
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker – #44SC00275900
Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor – #37F100094000

Office Hours: 9:30 AM -10:30 PM  Session Hours: 3 PM – 8:50 PM

Dr. Marty’s Office is located at:

25 Oakbrook Place, Somerset, NJ 08873-2015

Contact Dr. Marty

call 888-281-5850
text 732-910-8586
Contacts returned between
9:30AM and 10:30PM daily

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The Jump Start Session

The Jump Start Session can make a big difference in getting counseling off to a positive start when time and patience are running out. Click Here


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The Relationship Intensive

A highly focused and effective program to heal relationships. Dr. Marty will be helping you every step of the way. For couples and individuals. Click Here


Dr. Marty talks about different issues in couples therapy, strategies for communication, negotiation, the Jump Start Session, and more. Click Here

Biofeedback Therapy

Let biofeedback technology bring you closer to your partner. Helps reduce anger, anxiety and depression. See your progress for yourself! Click Here


Please download, print and fill out these PDF intake forms for our first session. Click Here

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