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The Jump Start Session

The Jump Start Session

An Intensive Jump Start Session To Help Recover Your Relationship

If you:

  • Are at the brink of ending your relationship.
  • Can’t seem to have a discussion with your partner without it ending up in anger.
  • Love your partner but really don’t like them.

If you can relate to the any of the three statements above, and want the best chance, or maybe your last chance, at turning things around, consider The Jump Start Session.

The Jump Start Session is a 100 minute meeting (double session) which can be used to:

  • Go far more deeply into the issues than you would during an initial single meeting.
  • Learn techniques to handle the anger, hurt and hostility that has developed from your incompatibility.
  • Improve your communication with your partner.
  • Understand and redirect the anger & resentment that has developed over a long period of time.

The Jump Start Session can make an important difference in getting counseling off to a positive start when time and patience are running out on both sides. We can work on issues that are causing the biggest problems, and tackle them first, and still have time to move along quickly to issues surrounding them.

Fee: $450

I have found over the years that these intensive counseling sessions with couples have proven to create a deeper connection over a shorter period of time.