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Master Relationship Coach: Dr. Marty

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Dr. Marty Tashman - Your Marriage Counselor - Marriage Counseling in NJ

Dr. Marty Tashman is a highly sought out marriage and relationship expert. Having over 30 years of Marriage & Couples Counseling experience, authoring 6 books, holding a Doctorate in Psychology and helping 1000’s of relationships is proof that he is one of our nations most effective relationship experts. He is a leading voice in applying emotional intelligence (EQ) to relationships and has mentored & trained countless others in the field. He is attentive, respectful & has a manner that can set anyone at ease. His passion is helping couples stay together happily and as your Marriage or Relationship Coach your success is his top priority.

Goals for Our Working Together:
*To establish a safe, calming atmosphere.

The first thing necessary to helping a couple through crisis is having a place where both people feel protected emotionally.

*To teach how to have discussions rather than arguments/fights.

*To give the skills to solve your problems.

If a coach works on solving a specific problem they have not given you the tools to solve the next problem.

*To improve communication.

Good communication is at the heart of a strong relationship.

Dr. Marty offers online/remote or tele-counseling for added flexibility & convenience

RelationShip Counseling & Coaching are not covered by insurance


A note about fees.

Often people shop based on cost alone, because sometimes “professional help” can cause even more problems and even destroy any chance that you might have had to heal the relationship. Below are some criteria you should consider to see if there is a good fit:

* How much training and experience has the professional had. Couples/Marriage work is complicated and subtle.

* How easy is it to reach the professional

  • How easy is it to talk with them.
  • Can they give you a general outline of what they will do to help you?
  • Is the professional welcoming during your 1st phone call?

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