Your Marriage Counselor

Introductory Session

Are you on a tight budget or want to understand exactly what goes on in counseling. I am offering an introductory 25 minutes session fo$125. I am offering the opportunity to work with me to begin to get a strategy for the difficulties you are facing.
Please note the introductory session will not solve your problems but it will give you a place to start, insight and tools to try use in your situation.
Want to learn more give me a call. 732-246-8484

Only $125.00! If you are on a budget or would like to get a better understanding of what happens during a couples counseling session this is for you. Dr. Marty has 25 minute introductory sessions that help you get on the journey to healing your relationship. Call  (888) 281-5850 Today.

Navigating the complexities of marriage can be challenging, especially when uncertainties and financial considerations add to the equation. At Your Marriage Counselor, Dr. Marty recognizes the importance of seeking support for your relationship, and he is committed to making the process accessible to everyone. Begin your journey here through an introductory meeting for just $125, designed to help you explore the potential benefits of our marriage counseling services without the commitment of a long-term financial obligation.

Following the introductory meeting, Your Marriage Counselor, Dr. Marty Tashman Ph.D. works closely with you to customize a counseling plan that not only aligns with your unique needs but also respects your budget. He understands that financial considerations are a significant factor in seeking counseling, and his aim is to provide a supportive and affordable solution. With meetings scheduled every two weeks, this flexible approach allows you to progress at a pace that fits seamlessly into your busy lives.

Curious about how Your Marriage Counselor can enhance your relationship? Take the first step towards a stronger, more fulfilling marriage by reaching out today. Call (888) 281-5850 to discuss the details, and let’s address any questions or concerns you may have. Investing in your marriage is an investment in a happier, healthier partnership. Explore the possibilities with Your Marriage Counselor’s budget-friendly introductory plan, and let us guide you towards a more resilient and loving connection.

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