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Testimonials about Dr. Marty

Words can’t thank you for how you’ve helped us. We have had some time to digest and apply what we have learned through our counseling.

—A.P. -February 25, 2022

Dear Dr. Tashman,

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for my family. After our meetings with you, it is as if a dark cloud lifted off our family and we had peace. I know you will say we did the work too, but if not for you I don’t think we would have reached this level of peace and reunite as a family. Whatever you did whatever way you said what you said, really reached all of us. Nothing is perfect, and who knows if we schedule an appointment with you in 10 days, or 10 years, but I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done. You are a wonderful person and an incredible therapist.

—A.T. – June 14, 2021

Good morning Dr Marty. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Jack and I were in a really bad place when we came to see you, and I know our marriage would be over if it wasn’t for you. I don’t know what you say to him behind that door, but he comes out like a totally new man, and then we are able to talk. Again, thank you so much. I thank God every night that we found you.

—From Nov 2, 2021

When my wife and I were in need of a marriage counselor I contacted Dr Tashman who came highly recommended by his previous patients…As a healthcare provider myself, I wanted to find a counselor that was very much in touch with both spouses views on marital issues. Dr Tashman was that doctor that fulfilled the criteria. He had demonstrated a real sense of compassion and understanding in our time of need. His advice and direction is assisting my wife and I in reestablishing the initial foundation of our marriage that was lost…We are in the process of building a much stronger relationship and moving forward. Lastly his enthusiasm to succeed is a tribute to him as an individual first and foremost!

—SJ – February 11, 2019

I have been in counseling with Dr. Tashman and he is the best! He is an excellent listener, does not pass judgment on the issues that you discuss with him and makes you feel very comfortable. He always returns phone calls and if you have an emergency he makes every effort to counsel you on the phone or schedule an appointment without having to wait weeks.

—Cheryl – March 15, 2020

Hi….don’t know if I ever really thanked you for saving my marriage. You not only helped me to help Mary forgive me, but in the process taught me, us, skills to help make our “new” marriage be even better then the first one. We are doing really well and plain and simply have you to thank for it. We have a whole new respect and love for each other and most importantly you helped me develop into a better husband. I take nothing for granted and take time everyday to consider Mary and our life together.

I truly believe if I had not seen your video while surfing the web for help, and made the call to get help, we would not be together today. I felt so guilty for what I had done and you helped me to express my pain and regrets to Mary and helped me to apologize to her. One area that I can never thank you enough for is helping Mary deal with the pain of my stupidity. The pain I inflicted to her is something I will never forget. I Love Mary with all my heart and will never hurt her again.
Thank you….Thank you….Thank you

—E.J. – July 12, 2021

Dr. Marty is an outstanding couples therapist with a very non-confrontational approach to sorting out issues and problems. He is a great listener and only deals with issues that are presented to him by the couple themselves. He then will lay out options that are possible solutions to the current issue or problem. Dr. Marty is very flexible with setting appointments and is always available any time by phone. He returns phone calls in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Marty to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their partner.

—KGN – April 09, 2022

Insightful Therapist. Dr. Tashman is an exceptionally talented therapist. Being a psychologist myself, I can attest to his skills. I value his creative approach to the therapeutic process, his sensitivity and insight. He has a deep respect for the specialness of each person. Dr. Tashman has been a source of support during crisis and has facilitated my ability to solve the difficult problems I have confronted. Along with his help, and my own input, I am confident that I can handle challenges that I might face in the future.

—Dr. P – Feburary 23, 2020

An Outstanding Therapist. Dr. Marty Tashman is the most solid, dependable, practical, and helpful therapist I’ve ever met. I have referred many people to him, and I’m grateful that he is available to help them. Some words folks have used to describe Dr. Tashman are: gentle, understanding, accepting, perceptive, and deeply compassionate; I thoroughly agree. Dr. Tashman is also very good at helping people strategize practical solutions to their challenges. I admire the fact that he is affirming of the personal religious values of his patients. He has a way of helping people feel safe, at ease, affirmed, and hopeful.

—The Rev. Dr. Anthony J. Godlefski, Senior Pastor, Montgomery United Methodist Church, Belle Mead, New Jersey – Oct 19, 2019

Hello Dr. Marty,
Hope u are well and just wanted to give u some feed back.
We have been doing great and our relationship is stronger then ever before. We both understand the importance of keeping our problems and worrys away from our love for each other. Stressful situations will always be around and the way we work to keep then from affecting our love for each other is key.
Thank you, E

—E.B. – July 11, 2020

Hope you and YOUR Roberta are well. This week, received 80% back from my MAJOR MEDICAL benefits for your professional fees. Thanks for the accurate paper work. THANKS MOST for your wise, humorous, invaluable help in our time of need. Warmly, Art

—A. F. – May 25, 2022

Just though about you and wanted to send this to you “You helped me over 6 years ago during my divorce. I still remember and practice the things we worked on. Hope you are doing well helping others. All the best – Rob”

__ R.B. (I got this from LinkedIn) Jan 4th 2021

I originally came to see Dr. Marty on my own, my husband wouldn’t come.
For four or five sessions we met individually. I was very hurt and confused.
Dr. M is a great compassionate listener. I needed to be heard before I could hear anyone.
Slowly but surely, Dr. M taught me that I could get Brad to hear me if he felt I could hear him.

I learned how I was approaching him just made things worse. I needed first to control how I talked to him – stop the yelling and then hear him and then let him know what I wanted without putting him down. There’s a lot more I could say but, with a job and 4 year old twins it’s hard to find time to do anything, but I wanted to let folks know how much I appreciate Dr. M’s help

Oh, yes I just remembered Brad did end up coming with me and that was a good thing.

Margo H.

I just wanted to publicly thank Dr. Tashman. He did “magic” during our sessions
My wife and I have been married for 6 years and it was constant fighting. During our meetings I discovered though I didn’t mean to I was constantly judging my wife. I thought I was protecting her from her family, by advising her that she shouldn’t let her family talk to her that way. I figured out that she needed to figure it out on her own and the best I could do was listen and understand how hard it was for her. Maybe it wasn’t magic maybe just common sense. Whatever it was we are not fighting and I know that with out our meetings and without Dr. T we would still be fighting or worse.

Dr. Marty you’re the best, at first I hated going to therapy and then as it began to work, it was a safe place for me to be heard. Thanks Dr. Marty
Robert E.

Reviews of Dr. Marty’s Blog

Dr Marty,
The other day my husband and I were discussing an issue that has been ignored for a while now. Quickly the conversation became intense, loud, and heated. He gets inpatient and frustrated very easily and the issue is one that upsets him. It got to a point where we are yelling and I left to go for a drive. After driving for ten minutes I calmed down and remembered all the things that I have learned and read from your blogs. I decided to go back home and try to fix the situation. I kept in mind to stay calm and keep a low voice and to watch my tone. I kept reminding him of the same things and we talked for three hours after that. We resolved the issue and talked about other things as well. He appreciated me coming back and fixing the situation instead of leaving it at us being angry at each other, I was proud of myself and him and grateful to you. I can’t afford counseling so I have become determined to learn from your blogs and use the advice you give. Thank you and keep them coming 🙂 .

—N. Mora

Dr. Marty, I appreciate the time you take to share your wisdom to married couples. This particular message speaks volumes about how we communicate with each other! My husband and I are enjoying the techniques you’ve presented in the Negotiation Handbook as well. It has been very helpful as we continue to grow.



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