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Emotional Intelligence Part 1.

Psychological Explanation Of What Causes All Problems In Our Relationship’s.

Certain situations cause us to have a strong negative feelings. For example our partner was unfaithful, they disappeared for a day and didn’t contact us, they are disrespectful,or they insulted our family.

When we have strong feelings of anger or hurt, we then automatically build a story around that negative response and the remembrance of the story causes us to continue to be angry, sad, maybe resentful or possibly many of those feelings.

Every problem we have begins with our feelings and correspondingly for us to get past our issues or to make peace with our partner requires us to be Emotionally Intelligent.

I have developed my own version of EI. using my over 30 years of experience as a couples/marriage counselor having seen thousands of couples, as well as the works of:

  • 1. Dr. John Gottman World renown  researcher on Marriage counseling
  • 2. Dr. Marc Brackett Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • 3. Dr. Daniel Goleman – Popularized the concept of EI in his best seller  “Emotional Intelligence