Your Marriage Counselor

Dr. Marty: Your Relationship Coach

Dr. Marty: Your

Relationship Coach

Remote Online coaching 1-5 Meetings:

Stay Where YOU Are. We will make progress from wherever you are.
Goals for Us Working Together:
*To establish a safe, calming atmosphere.

In tackling the ups and downs of a couple’s journey, the first step is creating a place where both partners feel emotionally secure.

Let’s go beyond the whole argument dynamic and let’s focus on mastering the art of discussions. It’s not just about fixing one problem; it’s about arming you with skills to handle whatever life throws your way next.

A coach isn’t just a quick fix for one issue – it’s about handing you a toolkit that’s all-purpose. We’re in this for the long haul.

And let’s talk communication. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s the secret sauce for a dream come true relationship. Let’s improve your communication (Listening & Talking) skills, so you’re not just talking, you’re connecting on a whole new level. Time to amp up your connection with some real talk and understanding


If a coach works on solving a specific problem they have not given you the tools to solve the next problem.

Good communication is at the heart of a strong relationship.

Dr. Marty Tashman is a highly sought out marriage and relationship expert. Having over 30 years of Marriage & Couples Counseling experience, authoring 6 books, holding a Doctorate in Psychology and helping 1000’s of relationships is proof that he is one of our nations most effective relationship experts. He is a leading voice in applying emotional intelligence (EQ) to relationships and has mentored & trained countless others in the field. He is attentive, respectful & has a manner that can set anyone at ease. His passion is helping couples stay together happily and as your Marriage or Relationship Coach your success is his top priority.