Your Marriage Counselor

My Spouse, Parent, or Child is a Very Difficult Person To Live With (Has a Borderline Personality)

What Do I

Do Now?

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I have used material that I have distilled from numerous books in the field (which are listed at the end of this book) and from my own clinical experience of over 30 years.

In these pages, among other information you will find:

A 6 step process to deal with conflict with a person who has BPD
17 Strategies to motivate the Person with BPD to change how they treat you
What steps in counseling are recommended for you, the non-BP, so that you can be in the best emotional position to deal with the stressors of having a meaningful other in your life who has BPD.

The idea for this material goes beyond theory, and why things happen, to giving understandings combined with specific things that the non-BP can apply.

If the reader has gotten half way through the material and nothing seems to be working, that might well be an indication that a third party, who is a professional, may need to be consulted. Sometimes small adjustments can make big differences, but in this instance be prepared to reach out to professionals who have been trained and have experience with Borderline Personalities and have worked successfully with them.