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Negotiation Handbook for Couples

Negotiation Handbook for Couples

From Conflict to Connection

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I decided to write a book on negotiation because it fit perfectly into my personal/professional goal: “To help couples stay together happily” Even couples that have a good relationship will have issues that are difficult for them to handle. My book will help couples make a good relationship better, and will help keep strong relationships strong. When there are differences of opinions, this is the time when couples need the most help. The good news is couples can work together to get past their differences, and the relationship is stronger for the effort. I have structured this book so that the reader will not only understand the material, but will have clear guidelines to follow and that can be easily applied. First, I tell you the Core Ideas of the Book. Then I’ll give you a bunch of examples. At the end of each chapter are easy to use worksheets that include the main points of the chapter. Lastly, in the appendix I provide these worksheets in one place so you and your partner can easily copy and use them when you need to negotiate with each other. The material in a book is not as important as the ability to use that material when you need it.

Core Ideas in The Negotiation Handbook for Couples

  1. Be able to present clearly your goals for the negotiation.
  2. Show your partner you understand his/her goals, and you are dedicated to helping them reach those goals.
  3. Understand and restate effectively the emotions and emotional needs involved (both yours and theirs) in those goals.
  4. Monitor and relate sensitively to the emotions that occur during the negotiations.
  5. Think in small steps.
  6. Be flexible and creative while negotiating.

How to accomplish these core ideas is the subject of the book.

How this handbook can be used

  1. This handbook can be used in two ways:

    A. If you have a strong relationship with your partner and would like to learn better skills on how to negotiate. You will find a “Strength of Relationship Quiz” on the YMC website that you can take to help you quickly determine the quality of your relationship.

    B. If you get stuck in your negotiation, you can go back to the book to get some ideas of how to get out of that rut and back on the path to coming up with a solution that works for both of you.

    Couples who are having a great many problems in their relationship must deal with the emotional, communication and situational issues first. After therapy helps the couple to handle these challenges, the couple’s negotiation skills will be a significant buttress to the strength of relationship.

    If you would like more information about the manual please email at and I’ll be glad to send you a summary of what will be covered.

    Click “Buy Now” to order The Negotiation Handbook for Couples for $19.95

This eBook is in PDF format. Readable on Kindles and any eBook Reader that supports PDF.

Table of Contents



Attitudes and Emotions

The Process

Stage I The Pre-Commitment Stage (The Preparation Phase)

Stage II The Commitment Stage (Negotiation phase)

Stage III The Connection Stage (Commitment to the solution that brings the couple closer together)

About Dr. Marty Tashman

Program Description


Attitudes & Emotions Check list

Stage I – Pre-Commitment Stage Work Sheet (Your Goals)

Stage I – Pre-Commitment Stage Work Sheet (Your Partner’s Goals)

Stage II – The Commitment Stage Work Sheet (Pick & Shovel)

Stage III – The Connection Stage Work Sheet (Commitment to the solution bringing the couple closer together)

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