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Embracing the Benefits

of Marriage Counseling

Learn how Dr. Marty helps couples with marriage counseling. Within an office set up for comfort, or using the latest online platforms couples will learn about strategies, communication, and working on anger. Dr. Marty talks about his free initial phone consultation

In the complex landscape of relationships, many individuals often view marriage counseling or couples therapy as a last resort measure to salvage their partnership. While this can indeed be the case, it’s important to recognize that therapy is also a valuable tool for couples who are looking to proactively improve their connection and prevent minor issues from evolving into major challenges.

Whether you find yourself in a phase of uncertainty within your relationship or you simply want to strengthen the foundation you’ve built with your partner, marriage counseling or couples therapy could be a beneficial avenue to explore. It’s important, however, to have a realistic understanding that these therapeutic approaches don’t offer quick fixes. Rather, they provide a supportive environment where a skilled counselor guides you both towards your own insights and solutions.

Imagine this as a collaborative effort: you and your partner working alongside a trained professional to navigate the intricacies of your unique dynamic. Together, you address communication gaps, explore shared goals, and gain insights into each other’s perspectives. The counselor’s role is to facilitate this process, allowing you to make informed decisions about the path forward.

As you consider this route, remember that seeking guidance isn’t a sign of defeat, but rather a demonstration of your commitment to the relationship. Whether you’re striving for stability during uncertain times or aiming to deepen your connection, the realm of marriage counseling and couples therapy offers a space for growth, understanding, and positive transformation.


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The Jump Start Session 

is a special double session that can really help to “get things out.” This session can give you the necessary time to get into what is really bothering you, and the time to start communicating about it more effectively with your partner. In this video, you can get an introduction to what The Jump Start Session is all about, and if you are likely to benefit. If you are interested in The Jump Start Session as a way to begin couples therapy or marriage counseling, contact Dr. Marty by phone, or the form on the bottom of our home page.

Alcohol Dependence & Drug

Habit Outpatient Rehab

Dealing with addiction issues can be central to couples therapy or marriage counseling. Having successfully treated hundreds of clients over the years, Dr. Marty talks about his “MIC Model,” which addresses the three most important questions with the treatment of addiction.